The Process

1. Wish List Discussion:
Palace Homes believes in the team concept and you will be a major player on that team. Sit down with Gordon and discuss your home – it’s style, location, how it will fit into your lifestyle and budget.

2. Custom Design:
Palace will assist you in selecting the best architect for your style and location. You will work closely with these professionals who will offer excellent advice, be generous with their time and talents, plus be a pleasure to work with.

3. Bid Process:
During the bid process you will meet with our hand-selected vendors, who will advise on products and pricing.

4. Bid Review:
Gordon will then discuss all aspects of your home, reviewing each line item and discussing options and opportunities with you. It is normal to have a couple budget reviews, Gordon will listen closely to your concerns and wishes and will massage the budget till it meets your expectations.

Good News! To this point you have incurred No Costs, except for plan design and blueprints.

5. Construction Begins:
There are three major phases of construction.

  1. The first is excavation and foundation.
  2. Next is framing, mechanical, roofing and exterior plus interior stucco, stone and drywall finishes
  3. Finishing touches are esthetic, flooring, tile, decking, trim carpentry, painting and staining, plus fixtures and appliances.
  4. From beginning of construction to finishing touches is approximately seven (7) months.

    6. Warranty and Walk-Through:
    Palace Homes guarantees their homes for a full year after completion. Prior to this Gordon will do a thorough walk thru with you, noting any item that needs additional attention and complete them before your move-in.