About Palace Homes, Inc.

stone fireplace

Building Philosophy:
Gordon expects the highest standards in workmanship and professionalism for all his sub-contractors. His personal involvement, plus working closely with you on all aspects of your new home guarantees and end-product that everyone will be extremely happy with.

Palace Homes provides full custom home services including:

  • Lot analysis at no cost.
  • Initial building and budgeting advice at no cost
  • Financing source contacts at no cost
  • Custom design professional contacts
  • Engineering specification gathering
  • Bid gathering and review at no cost
  • Construction phase oversight and owner communication
  • Lighting and plumbing fixture sourcing
  • Coordinating all inspections and approvals
  • Final satisfaction to customer for finished home

Gordon Stegner
President, Palace Homes Inc. Established 1995

Bill Hazelton
Client Consultant, Project Assistant

Accounts Payable